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Developing Courage & Confidence

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  • New You: I know you're feeling overwhelmed. I can give you 25 minutes of focus to take control of your life!
  • A New Model: Imagine the possibilities when you lose yourself in life and find your true purpose.
  • Life Changing Value: Turning on the light is easier than you think. Follow these steps to get unstuck and make any life decision without fear or hesitation!
  • Transformational Pathway: While it may not seem like you have much to live for right now, there's always something on the other side. You just need to find your strength and courage within yourself before everything becomes too dark - which will be very easy with all these negative thoughts around us every day!
  • Stay To The End: For a bonus gift for you to take and use.
Claire Moody MSc
Champion Executive, Performance and Relational Coach, Coaching Supervisor, Accomplished Author including Bestselling Coaching Mindset and Developing Courage. Successful online coach.

Claire's Latest Testimonial:

Claire is a dynamic and highly intelligent Coach who will drive you to be excellent. She listens with patience while creating a confidential environment where you can share and say all that's on your mind. She works around the individual she's coaching and makes sure he or she gets the best out of her sessions.

There aren't many Coaches' like her out there and I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to grow professionally or in other areas of their life. As soon as you begin your coaching sessions with her you will quickly discover that she's very knowledgable and experienced at what she does. She coaches you in a way whereby you enjoy the sessions while taking away a lot of practical knowledge and wisdom you can apply in your everyday life. I learnt a lot in a short space of time.
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Dwain, November 2021

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Insightful, Positive and Dependable "Thanks to the work with Claire, I made fantastic progress in my personal and professional development in a relatively short space of time." 
- K Monaghan

Tailored coaching "I found Claire to be a great listener, quick to ask the right questions, and to identify the key areas for my coaching. Claire understands the science, and it was obvious the sessions were tailored to me as an individual."
 - KB

I would recommend to anyone - "Claire, you were fabulous! Thank you! Your level of support is so valuable. Your personal approach was like a security blanket around us all, creating a safe space that allowed us to open up and get so much out of the discussions."
- Michelle 

Exceeded all expectations! "I liked the thought evoking conversations we had which challenged me to see things differently and think of new possibilities I previously hadn’t thought of. My overall experience has been fantastic." 
- Natalie J

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The key steps in 25 minutes

Learn real development skills

A powerful growth model

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